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Nourish Your Hair Naturally: Discover the Secret to Lasting Moisture

All natural ingredience to help you on your healthy hair journey! Get our amazing moisture hair care line to get your hair hydrated, longer and overall healthier. Perfect for natural, color treated or relaxed!

Revive, Replenish, Renew: Our Vegan Formulas for Healthier Hair Days


Savvy Salon Moisture Hair Care products

Thoroughly researched and clinically tested, our exclusive plant powered haircare uses natural mineral sources + botanical protein catalysts to deliver what’s most important: Healthy manageable hair that is smooth, soft and strong, shines, and holds its color.

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Brazilian Body Wave

Brazilian Body Wave is a best seller and you can see why! It is gorgeous! This hair can be styled straight, loosely curled or even wand curled. You will look and feel like a million dollars!

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High quality 100% virgin hair extensions

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What are people saying?

"This hair is exactly what I have been searching for, it does not tangle and it feels so natural"

sheila J.

What are people saying?

 I purchased the exotic deep curly hair because I wanted to have low maintenance hair on Vacay. And Let me say, This hair has NOT disappointed. I worked out, got in the pool, and sweated lots! but all I had to do was sleep with a bonnet, wake up and splash a little water on the curls and they still look good!! yes, YES, YAAAASSSS to this hair!


What are people saying?

"I have paid nearly double this amount for hair this quality! This is my new favorite site."

Brandi W.

What are people saying?

 "I received my bundles really fast, I had my hairstylist color them and it came out so bomb! This is definitely some good hair. I plan on ordering the curly hair next!"

Shaundrea T.

What are people saying?

"This hair is PHENOMENAL! It is undoubtedly the BEST I've ever purchased. It is soft and has a beautiful natural curl. It blends perfectly with my natural hair, holds curls like no other..."


30 day money back guarantee - No questions asked

We have such high confidence in the quality of our hair extensions, we are doing something unheard of in our industry. We offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Order the hair, touch it, feel it, smell it...you can even intstall it! And if you are not satisfied we will give you your money back no questions  asked! Simple as that....


Lenora has been a high performing hair stylist and salon owner for over a decade. Her signature style is the sew- in extension service and for many years she has searched for the perfect hair bundles. Natural, high quality 100% human hair. Never settle for "beauty store" hair again. Fall in love with Hair by Lenora.

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