Kinky straight - Textured Volume and Length enhancing clip-ins

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You will love the way this hair looks on you! The texture is the same as natural textured hair after a blow out. It is very versatile and easy to install at home. These clip-ins will add a full head of amazing natural length and volume.
This is the easiest way to wear extensions! 
LENGTH GUIDE - Our clip-in come in two sizes
  • 16 inches - is pictured. For most it will fall a few inches past your shoulders and to the middle of your back. It measures at 16 inches.


  • 20 inches - will add amazing flowing length. It will hang middle/lower back. Since it is longer, the double set will offer maximum fullness.
SIZE GUIDE - our clip-ins come in three Sizes


  • Full Set - The full set is our most common size. It will really give you a full fabulous look. In the picture she has one full set which include 8 pieces of varying sizes.


  • Double set - The double set will give you maximum fullness and volume! you will receive 16 pieces.
Our Kinky straight hair does include a small amount of synthetic fibers for texture. This hair can be be colored, curled, straightened, etc... and it blends amazing with naturally coarse or curly textures when blown out. Hair which comes in natural colors. With proper care this hair will last you up to a Years or More. When you take them out, put them back in the satin bag you will get with the extensions and install them again the next time. 

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