The do-it-yourself hair extension! Why clip-ins may be a good option for you...

There are many ways to achieve longer and fuller hair! Let's look at some common options and introduce one you may or may not have considered!

The sew-in extension is a great option. When you get extensions sewn into your real hair you have very secure and long lasting styles that works great for protecting your real hair. A sew-in usually last up to 3 months with proper care and when done right, your hair can experience some serious growth during the time you have it tucked away.

Micro-links are one of the increasingly popular extension methods and for good reason! With micro-link extensions, your real hair is still exposed, however, Human hair is attached to your hair using light weight micro-beads. This style also can last about 3 months with proper maintenance.

Lace-frontal wigs have seemed to take the hair world by storm. They are quick and easy to install and the right stylist can do magic to make sure your hairline 100% authentic! This style allows you to create some really fun looks. This style can be less secure and will not last as long as one of the more permanent methods.

There are other methods worth mentioning like quick weaves, tape-ins, etc...but one that is becoming my new favorite is the

Clip-in extensions are the easiest extension option to do from home, by yourself and still look like you spent a few hours at the beauty salon! I can install a whole set of Clip-in extensions in about 5 minutes in my bathroom and it gives me the length and volume I always wanted! Every girl should have a set of clip-ins on deck just in case you need a quick dose of length and volume. Check out my video to see just how quick and easy it is to install a set of clip-ins. I am using 16 inch Kinky straight clip-ins from! (this hair looks and feels amazing!)


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