Everything you see was created twice!



I recently had the chance to speak to a small class of barber and cosmetology students. One Student stood out in particular. He had a million questions and just oozed of genuine drive to learn and be successful. I pray his barber shop, which will be called "Details" will be a huge success. 

Everything man has made in this world was created (at least) twice. Just look around. Look at everything from houses with their intricate floor plans, electrical, plumbing, etc...Look at cars with thousands of detail from the shape of the door handle to the size of the bolts, everything on a car was created (at least) twice. 

The first creation - is always forged in the mind of a person. Everything you see was dreamt up in the mind of a person with a goal in mind. They wanted something to exist in this world that did not exist so they visualized the details in their minds first. Even our personal and professional situations are often visualized in our minds before we actually live it out. 

Next we write out our vision in detail and put action to the vision. Our minds are fascinating! Just the simple act of writing our vision on paper and placing it in a place where it can be seen and reviewed regularly will increase your likelihood of seeing the vision come to life! Write your vision out in detail today. Use all of your senses when you get into this exercise. 
  • How does it look?  why?
  • How does it feel?   why
  • How does it smell?  why
  • How does it sound?  why
  • (and if it applies) how does it taste?
Really create your vision on paper, and in detail! most of the created things you see were created first like this!

The second creation is the fun part! This is where you get to make it happen. It is also the tough part because God doesn't always make things easy for us. We have to GRIND at our vision to see it come to life. This process helps us fully appreciate the vision once it comes to life. The one thing I want to leave you with is the fact that the second creation is MUCH MUCH HARDER to accomplish without first taking the time with the first creation. Your vision in detail, on paper is like your very own self-written  instructional manual. Do not fall in to that trap of thinking you will create your vision in the real world without first creating it in detail, in your mind and on paper!

Visualize the detail!